Our 3G Guarantee

We know what it’s like to rely on external search firms to fill key positions, having worked on the corporate side for years. So this three-part guarantee is grounded in our experience. It spells out three expectations, and we commit to each and every one.

Delivering great candidates
You want high-quality candidates who fit the job. You don’t want an overload of random resumes that miss the mark. Many search firms send anything and everything, hoping that something will stick. Others begin the search process barely knowing what the job and organization are about. We take a different approach. We do the crucial front-end of work of learning about the job and your organization. And we use this understanding to focus the search process and find the very best-fitting candidates.

Ensuring a great rate
Of course, price is another big factor. Some firms crank their fee way down – while cranking their number of searches way up. So each of their searches gets some attention but not enough attention. For them, it’s a hit-or miss numbers game based on volume. For us, it’s all about value — delivering high-quality candidates at a competitive rate, and getting it right the first time around.

Leveraging our experience
Experience and know-how are critically important in this business, because every search involves so many moving parts: compensation, benefits, relocation, workplace culture, interviewing, testing, negotiation, selection, and more. All these factors are best learned in the real world, and that’s the background we bring to the table. We have 15 years of corporate experience, with HR roles at three Fortune 500 companies that included recruiting, hiring, and working with external search firms. So we know from experience what it’s like to be in the customer’s shoes.

Click here for testimonials from some of our clients.

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